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Wikia Tablet Reader App

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All the photos in this template are taken by the talented photographer Akos Major.

Wikia Tablet Reader App

Nearly 10 million people visit a Wikia site each day, but most will never realize they're in the Wikia network. Wikias are heavily customized, each with a unique look, layout, identity, community, and even culture. Add in the limited toolset of an older platform, some MySpace creativity, and a smattering of display ads, and you get a rather "quirky" reading experience and relative absence of Wikia branding. I couldn't resist re-imagining the reading and brand experience on the blank slate of tablets.

At first I dove into context-relevant, media heavy experiences for casual users in new verticals the company was exploring. But it quickly became clear that the main users and money-makers for a reader app would be our die-hard gaming and entertainment fans. I began exploring designs for longer-form reading, in a wrapper that would support subscription to multiple wikis. The resulting minimal experience focused on crisp readability, with buttons and navigation tidily tucked in a drawer out of view. Because wikis often have such active contributors, we showcased recent and popular content (based on community activity) in a single place where readers can stay up-to-date on their interests.

The design continued to evolve in the hands of other designers after I left the company. It is now available in the App Store as My Wikia, Wikia's flagship iPad app.