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VentureForth Podcast

In my free time, I like to dabble in all sorts of creative projects, such as editing the VentureForth podcast about startups and venture capital.

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VentureForth with Kara Goldin, founder & CEO @ Hint Water

Kara Goldin is the Founder & CEO of Hint Water, the leading all natural, sugar free, and zero-calorie flavored water brand. Kara created Hint as a healthy alternative to soda, and also thought that plain water was simply too boring.

In this episode we learn about how Kara's personal struggles inspired her to set out on this venture, how Hint is expanding into new product lines, and how she created a new consumer category out of her home.

Executive producer & host: Joe Mahavuthivanij
Editing & logo design by: Debra Lin
Music by: Music for Makers