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Making things better


Hi! I'm Deb.

I'm a UX generalist. My background in psychology, writing, editing, and a diversity of industries has prepared me for the many roles and perspectives I take on as a designer. I love the constant variety and learning that this profession affords, and enjoy mentoring designers who are making the career transition like I did.

I believe:

  • Design is more about problem solving, understanding context, and making things better, than a specific skill set or task. 
  • Sometimes the best user experience has no UI.
  • I believe in the importance of exploring other creative fields, places, industries, and comfort zones in order to grow as a designer and a person.

I'm interested in: 

  • Social and environmental impact
  • Environmental design
  • Health and wellness
  • Travel
  • Culture, food, and fashion
  • The human condition

Still here? Awesome! Let's chat! Email me at

Or find me on LinkedIn. You can also see more work at my old portfolio.





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